Friday, September 2, 2011

A Tale of Love & Loss

"The Gifted Ones", by Lisa Vaughn is a haunting coming of age memoir.  It follows Lisa as she discovers love while learning who she is and what she really wants.  At times heartrending, it is also humorous, honest and compelling.

She describes the joys and heartbreaks of a relationship that begins in secret at the tender age of 13 and somehow flourishes despite the many obstacles and struggles that it bears.  It is  Lisa and Selina against the world.  As Lisa so succinctly puts it, "How could loving someone be wrong?".

Lisa reminds us of how our dreams, desires and ambitions change as we grow up and attain adulthood.  The loves and friends we make along the way are not necessarily growing in the same direction.  Broken hearts hurt no matter who you love and time does somehow heal the wounds.

It is brilliantly paced with teasers at the end of many chapters that kept me turning pages well past when I should have been sleeping.  Two bookmarks up from this reviewer.

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