Friday, December 30, 2011

A Race for Gold!

Gold Train by Lada Ray is a thriller based on actual events.  During the Russian Revolution the entire gold reserve of the Russian Empire disappears while being transported by train.  It is still missing.

Jade Snow is a veteran reporter who returns to work after maternity leave to help in an investigation of the Gold Train story and the possible whereabouts of the gold.  The request for help comes from a Russian journalist who has extensively studied the history of it.  She jumps at the opportunity to work again and also to explore her Russian heritage.

Once in Russia she connects with old acquaintances of her grandmother who are all members of a society for Russian nobility.  Their main interest is in returning the Russian Empire to noble rule.

When the journalist that sent for her is found murdered the chase is on.  Everyone is on a hunt to find the gold first.  Everyone has their own reasons for acquiring the gold.

As the circle of conspirators tightens Jade must struggle to keep at the head of the chase.  Along the way she encounters a man who just might be here soul mate and passions ignite.

Gold Train is a fast paced thrill ride filled with great characters you will love and villains you will hate.  And maybe a few you won't know whether to love or hate.  This is definitely one to read!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Rapid Fire Short!

The Real Buck's Fizz, by J. E. Hood, is a rapid paced short story that has a bit of everything in it.  Jake Andrews likes to lay low and not get involved.  He enjoys his vintage cars and motorcycles and tries to keep the rest of life uncomplicated.

After his girlfriend leaves him he meets Beth.  She's beautiful and engaging and loaded with issues.  Jake quickly gets caught up in the whirlwind of her life.

The story will keep you turning pages to discover just how things turn out!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Murder in a Small Town

Wendy L. Young's debut novel, "Come the Shadows" is the first installment of the Campbell Creek series.  The story is set in the small town of Campbell Creek, North Carolina which lies in the shadow of Wilmington.  It's a quiet close-knit community that hasn't had a murder in seventeen years.  Until now.

Officer Will Harmon goes to investigate the skeleton that is found at the long defunct bread factory.  His sister Jessica is the medical examiner and her examination of the remains leads to a conclusion of murder.  The sheriff has other ideas and reports the death as natural causes. Jessica continues to pursue the murder investigation with the off the record help of her brother and his partner Ricky.

There are land developers in town buying up property, including the bread factory for a big, as yet undisclosed development.  As the neighbors start selling out rapidly, Laura, Will's wife, becomes concerned for the future of their community and begins to fight the developers.  When mysterious fires erupt and Laura's life is threatened there is no telling how deep the mystery lies.

This is a great mystery that starts a little slow but once it takes off it will keep the pages turning rapidly.  The characters are real, charming and sometimes humorous.  The relationships amongst the characters are well developed and draw you in.

I, for one, am looking forward to the second installment!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Compelling Debut!

Brina Courtney's debut novel Reveal (Cryptid Tales) is a wonderful YA read that will appeal to a larger audience.

The story is about Shay, a high school senior, who has the ability to see, hear and talk to ghosts.  She feels very much alone as a result of this ability.  Jeremy, a ghost, has been with her since her father disappeared/died many years ago.  In recent months, Jeremy has been absent and Shay is not sure why.

Enter Hugh, who is a 'cryptid', which is to say - part human, part animal.  They have more in common then Shay realizes.  She quickly learns that she is cryptid through her father and that is the source of her ghostly powers.  As she learns to harness these powers and what they mean their relationship develops.

Together they begin a quest to discover what really happened to Shay's father and how to protect themselves going forward.

This was a great debut novel in a series.  The ending will make you want to email Brina to hurry up and share book 2!  I highly recommend it for any young adults and any adults who enjoy a good spooky tale.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Change in Direction

Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda is great story about a woman finding herself, at the age of 30, to be in a crisis of sorts.  Kelly had a recent breast cancer scare and finds herself suddenly fearful.  Her comfortable life just doesn't fit right anymore. 

Her two growing boys are away at camp for the entire summer and with her nest empty she realizes she needs to make changes in her life.  She starts her Things to Change (T2C) list and leaves post-its with list items around her house and the dashboard of her car.  Her list continues to grow as she opens up to new experiences.

At the same time she realizes that her friends' lives are not as wonderful and serene as they seem on the outside.  Charlotte has fallen in love with another friend's husband.  Kathryn is in crisis and leaves her anorexic teenager in Kelly's care while she tries to regroup.  As if all these dramas weren't enough, Kelly begins her own business.  Everyone rallies around to help each other.

The changes in her attitude and the direction of her life are exciting and empowering.

Kaira's writing is witty and vibrant.  You will laugh, cry and cheer along the characters.

This is a great novel for anyone who enjoys a story of growth, empowerment and positive endings.

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Thrilling Trip Through Time!

Julia Hughes' debut novel, "A Ripple in Time - Angel of the Titanic" is a wonderful novel with a unique concept.  It's not your every day time travel story.

The story begins in the present day with Wren's dreams intertwining with the dreams of Carina, who is a passenger on the Titanic.  As a result of this entanglement she learns from Wren's mind what actually happens to the ship she is sailing on.  She warns  the captain and disaster is averted.  Or is it?

The change in the course of history from this ripple in the fabric of time results in a different world that is darker and much less advanced.  World War I has never ended and has become a 'cold war'.  Women still do not vote and life is hard.

Wren knows that he needs to make things right again.  He enlists the help of his cousin Rhyllann and Carrie, who is a descendent of Carina.  He shares a special mental bond with Carrie and they grow close along the way.

Once they make it on to the Titanic the difficulty lies in allowing the crash to occur and not changing the original history.

This is truly a fascinating read!  I loved the whole concept of the altered reality.  The pace and action kept me rooted to the pages.  There was a little bit of everything in it.  Love, danger, humor and fantasy.  Enjoy!