Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take a Road Trip with "The Borrower"

"The Borrower", by Rebecca Makkar, is a fun read.  It tells the tale of Lucy, a children's librarian, in a small city in the mid-west.  She's somewhat adrift after graduating college and takes the library position rather than rely on her successful parents' contacts.

At the library she meets Ian, who is a voracious reader and advanced for his age.  He is constantly sneaking out books that his mother disapproves of.  The more is an evangelical christian, afraid to expose her son to anything but the church's doctrine. 

She is concerned her son is gay and enrolls her son in anti-gay classes that will remove any gayness from him.

Ian rebels and that is when Lucy's and Ian's  journey from Missouri to Vermont begins.  Their experiences along the way and the decisions they make lead the reader on an adventure. 

Two thumbs up from this reader!

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