Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bikers, Intrigue & Life Lessons for the YA

Eileen Schuh's "The Traz" which is the first novel in the BackTracker series is a compelling read that will keep you turning pages.
The heroine, Katrina, is orphaned at 13 and left with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.  She is brilliant (a member of Mensa), wealthy and beautiful.  She meets Shrug, a much older biker and member of the The Traz motorcycle gang. 

She goes with him to live at the Traz's compound in the backwoods of Alberta.  At the compound Shrug protects her from the other gang members but uses her intelligence and youth to discover intel on the gang and their drug dealings. 

With what she has learned about the gang's dealings she realizes she will never be able to leave the compound alive.  That's when Chad, an undercover cop joins the gang.  Will he be her ticket out?

This is a great novel with some life lessons to be learned.  It is classified as Young Adult but adults will enjoy it too!


  1. I'm very happy that you liked my book. Yes, people of both genders and all ages like THE TRAZ. Maybe because I confined the life lessons to the appended Discussion Guide, allowing the story's action to play out unimpeded. The strong, multi-facetted, adult characters make this a truly 'intergenerational' novel. As well, we are never too old to learn more about gangs, drugs, depression, and abuse.

  2. Hello my name is Caroline Elsea and I am Geetas publicist shoot me an e mail and ill get the press kit to you!