Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bullies Beware!

Invisible by Jeanne Bannon is a delightful tale of one teenager's struggle against the stigma of being different than the crowd.  Lola is a senior in high school and not only does she not fit in there, she doesn't fit in her own family. Her parents and sister are all tiny, willowy and wacky.  Lola, is a tall, big girl with a penchant for writing.

When Lola experiences a particularly cruel attack by the school bullies she disappears.  She struggles to figure out what happened until it happens a second time and she shares the secret with her beloved Grandma Rose.  She is able to explain to Lola what is happening to her.

Lola's best friend, Charlie, another social outcast at school, helps her gain control of her power to disappear.  Together they plot revenge on the bullies.  When tragedy strikes, Lola must decide what course of action she will take into the future.

This is a great story that anyone who's ever gone through the teen years can enjoy.  Who hasn't wanted to disappear at some point?  The lessons are valuable and uplifting.

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