Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Emotional Tribute to a Remarkable Friend

Russell Blake's "An Angel with Fur" tells the story of Lobo who was adopted by him when he was a mere 5 weeks old, from an animal shelter in Mexico.  Lobo had amazing spirit and instantly charmed everyone he met.  For Russell it was love at first sight and only grew from there. He shares Lobo's journey through life and the remarkable odds he overcame with a spirit and joy that never wavered.

The biography demonstrates just want kind of an impact on our lives the unconditional love and faithful companionship our furry friends can have.  We are all richer for sharing our lives with them.

This is by far the best pet story/biography I've ever read.  It was heart wrenching and triumphant both.  I feel grateful to have been able to experience Lobo's spirit through Blake's words.  Anyone who has ever loved a pet will be able to relate to this story.


  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book. When one writes, especially something as personal as this book, one hopes to touch others. I was fortunate enough to have Lobo as my muse, my clay, and my dearly missed friend. That An Angel With Fur resonated with you says far more about him than my simple skills as a writer. Thanks for the warm praise. It means much to me.

    1. Russell - I can well imagine the hole that Lobo must have left. Our furry family members enrich our lives so much and bring joy to our days. They are truly a blessing.

  2. I too loved Lobo's story. I think it's my favorite book of Russell's and that's saying alot.

  3. Great review of a lovely book. Nice site Kate.