Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Thriller with a Twist

                             Black Antler by Mark De Binder is a thriller with a supernatural twist.  It is the sequel to Serial Terror which I have not read.  Starting with the sequel was not a problem as there was enough information provided to determine the relationships and prior events.

Chase Benton has established a team of talented people to track down and eliminate serial killers.  Among the team members are psychics and shamans who take the story to another plane.
This time the team is up against a serial killer who is targeting one of the oldest families in New England.  They quickly discover that it is the result of a curse placed on the family over 200 years ago and that the killer is not of this world.  Black Antler is a spirit and a shape shifter.
Together they combine their skills to track Black Antler down and fight him on multiple levels so that they can break the curse and send him back to the spirit underworld.
I enjoyed this novel and it's unique spin on the serial killer theme.  Some of the relationship development amongst the team members seemed a bit superfluous and didn't really add to the story.  Overall it's worth the read.

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