Friday, March 23, 2012

High Flying Thriller!

The legal thriller "Irreparable Harm", by Melissa F. Miller begins with an airliner crashing into the side of a mountain for no apparent reason.  All aboard are killed. 

Sasha McCandless is a lawyer on track to soon make partner in her large law firm.  The airline company is a client of the firm and the team scrambles to prepare for the inevitable law suits resulting from the accident.  Until she discovers it wasn't an accident. 

A company has developed an application that can take over control of a plane's on board computer remotely and cause it to crash.  They are seeking to sell it to the highest bidder but need to demonstrate it's effectiveness first.

As Sasha delves into the mystery surrounding the crash the bodies begin to start piling up around her.  After the HR executive at the company inadvertently sends her top secret information the company sends some hired thugs after her to get the information back and do away with her.

She is joined in her investigation by a TSA internal investigator who is also seeking answers regarding the crash.  Together they try to stop the next plane from crashing and have justice served.

I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters.  The core characters were well developed.  I especially enjoyed Sasha because she was such a strong, physically capable and intelligent female lead.  She was able to take care of herself.  I also loved the two thugs because they were just plain funny.

The novel did have quite a bit more action then courtroom scenes in it but it worked for me.

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