Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Race for the Relic!

Russell Blake’s newest release, “The Voynich Cipher” is an exciting, fast paced thrill ride.  The novel opens with the theft of an ancient relic from a medieval church in rural England and races on from there.  The relic contains part of a medieval parchment, the Voynich Manuscript that has defeated cryptographers for centuries.

Dr. Steven Cross, an amateur cryptologist, has written software that enables him to break ancient codes much more quickly.  When the relic disappears and another cryptologist is found dead with Cross’s name in his possession he is contacted by the man’s daughter, Natalie.  They team up to decipher the code and discover the secret hidden in the code.

The secret of the Voynich Manuscript has devastating implications for the Catholic Church and Steven and Natalie quickly become targets in a struggle between the church and ruthless villains that will exploit the secret.  The search takes them all on a race across Europe and beyond.

This is another solid hit by Blake.  The pacing is tight and the characters are well developed.  The storyline is compelling and keeps you reading right up to the shocking end!

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