Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Fish Tale

Mark Fiorito's "Kiss of the Marlin" is a magical tale of self discovery.  Casey Doran and his friend Lenny are on a deep sea fishing tip in Baja when Casey has a close encounter with a magical marlin.  Their interaction saves them both.

When Casey and Lenny return to San Diego things begin to change for Casey who up until the trip had been very rigid in his standards and stuck in a very big life rut.  Magical things begin to occur that open him up to new experiences and new people.  By opening himself up and seeing where the enchantment will take him he changes his life.

This was a great story with something for everyone.  Fiorito's writing is very witty and the characters are well developed.  The story flowed and it was a quick read because of the pacing.  It's definitely worth your time and money. 

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