Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mystery in Middle America

"Julie, Do You Love Me?" by Stephen Spencer begins with a mysterious government program being discovered by the White House, resulting in orders to shut it down immediately.  A secret FBI team is assembled and the bodies start piling up.

Enter newlyweds, Paul Mallory & Julie Preston.  Julie leaves town suddenly on unexplained family business and Mallory is left questioning her love for him.  Shortly after she leaves he gets a telephone call that she has been found seriously injured in Reese City, Indiana.  A town which doesn't happen to be on any maps. Mallory heads to Reese City to be with her.  All is not what it seems when he arrives in Reese City and they must defend their lives from multiple assailants.

I really enjoyed the character of Mallory and rooted for him the whole way through.  The writing is witty and well paced with an ending that will surprise you.  I do think that more hints of what was going on in Reese City and why Mallory & Julie were in trouble would have been helpful.  That being said, the ending did tie it all together and explain it.


  1. I've enjoyed all of Stephen's thrillers, but this latest outing is the best.


  2. Julia, I'm anxious to read more of his work now! :)