Monday, December 19, 2011

A Compelling Debut!

Brina Courtney's debut novel Reveal (Cryptid Tales) is a wonderful YA read that will appeal to a larger audience.

The story is about Shay, a high school senior, who has the ability to see, hear and talk to ghosts.  She feels very much alone as a result of this ability.  Jeremy, a ghost, has been with her since her father disappeared/died many years ago.  In recent months, Jeremy has been absent and Shay is not sure why.

Enter Hugh, who is a 'cryptid', which is to say - part human, part animal.  They have more in common then Shay realizes.  She quickly learns that she is cryptid through her father and that is the source of her ghostly powers.  As she learns to harness these powers and what they mean their relationship develops.

Together they begin a quest to discover what really happened to Shay's father and how to protect themselves going forward.

This was a great debut novel in a series.  The ending will make you want to email Brina to hurry up and share book 2!  I highly recommend it for any young adults and any adults who enjoy a good spooky tale.

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  1. Looking forward to getting the time to read this one. Sure wish my son would read my Kindle!