Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Change in Direction

Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda is great story about a woman finding herself, at the age of 30, to be in a crisis of sorts.  Kelly had a recent breast cancer scare and finds herself suddenly fearful.  Her comfortable life just doesn't fit right anymore. 

Her two growing boys are away at camp for the entire summer and with her nest empty she realizes she needs to make changes in her life.  She starts her Things to Change (T2C) list and leaves post-its with list items around her house and the dashboard of her car.  Her list continues to grow as she opens up to new experiences.

At the same time she realizes that her friends' lives are not as wonderful and serene as they seem on the outside.  Charlotte has fallen in love with another friend's husband.  Kathryn is in crisis and leaves her anorexic teenager in Kelly's care while she tries to regroup.  As if all these dramas weren't enough, Kelly begins her own business.  Everyone rallies around to help each other.

The changes in her attitude and the direction of her life are exciting and empowering.

Kaira's writing is witty and vibrant.  You will laugh, cry and cheer along the characters.

This is a great novel for anyone who enjoys a story of growth, empowerment and positive endings.


  1. Kate!

    Thank you so much for a wonderful review of Here, Home, Hope! I'm so glad you enjoyed the novel!

    All the best,

  2. Thank you for sharing it with me!