Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Evil Has a Handsome Face

"Zeke", by Wodke Hawkinson, is a dark and thrilling ride.  Sue is a young college student who meets Zeke at the bookstore he works in.  He's gorgeous and mysterious.  Sue can't believe her good fortune that he wants to go out with her.

It will soon turn to misfortune as Zeke begins to manipulate her and play mind games.  After a number of months of secretive dating he talks her into disappearing with him.  When her parents realize she is missing and her car is found abandoned by a cemetery they hire a detective to find her. The detective soon realizes that her life is in danger and the race is on.

This is a chilling and very disturbing read.  It is not for the faint of heart.  The character of Zeke is twisted and evil.  The writers did a fabulous job of slowly revealing his deranged personality.  Sue was very believable as a young, insecure woman entranced by the handsome stranger.  I liked that she did assert herself at times during the course of the story.

It is definitely a great read, just be forewarned that it is a dark story of sexual obsession and evil.

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