Friday, August 31, 2012

Mirror, Mirror.....

In Lawrence Kelter's novel "Palindrome", Book 1 of the Palindrome Trilogy, Lexa and Axel are a sister and brother who have struggled together throughout their lives.  As the novel begins they are living in a home that was left to them by a deceased aunt and living a quiet life.  They have the ability to change their appearance from the inside out right down to the color of their eyes.  They keep the ability hidden because they know it can lead to trouble.

When Lexa is slipped a date-rape drug in a local dive bar Ax arrives in the nick of time to rescue her.  He confronts the would-be rapist in his sister's form and kills him with one swift, well-placed kick.  So begins a tangled web of revenge and deception.

The character of Lexa was more developed than Ax in this story.  Regardless, we know enough of Ax to see that they are mirror opposites of each other.  Lexa is impulsive and somewhat flighty, while Axel is very methodical and grounded.  I think we will probably learn more about Ax as the series continues.

Palindrome is definitely hard to put down.  Kelter keeps the pace brisk with a subtle tension to hold your interest.  The ending will shock you and leave you asking for book two.  I know it's on my list of TBR.

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