Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Chances

"The Odds", by Stewart O'Nan is a tale of the everyday citizen.  Art and Marion Fowler are a middle-aged couple heading towards collapse.  Their home is on its way to foreclosure and their marriage is on the brink.

In a desperate attempt to turn things around they liquidate their savings and head to Niagara Falls on Valentine's Day weekend for a second honeymoon and to risk it all on the roulette wheel.

Art has great hope that the ritziest suite in the hotel, the ring he's kept secret and the reminders of the first honeymoon will rekindle the flame of their marriage.  He's also convinced that his betting method will guarantee them double their money on the roulette wheel.

Marion is tired of it all and looking forward to starting fresh on her own.  She goes along with Art's plans so as not to disappoint him.

O'Nan has created very real characters and gives us an honest glimpse into the heart breaks and disappointments that can eat away at a relationship.  He also reminds us that life is a gamble and to take that last chance.

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