Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Peak at the Dark Side

"Darkness Within" by Christine Dougherty is a collection of short stories of a horrifying nature.  I've previously read her novel "The Devil Stood Up" and reviewed it here.  The first three chapters of the novel are included in this collection.  Dougherty has a dark style and the stories are suspenseful and disturbing.  I'll highlight a few of my favorites.

In 'The Owners' the original owners of the planet have returned and have set child against parent in the slow methodical murder of the human race.  Edgy and disturbing.

'More to Me' is about a woman visiting her 'inner child' on the advice of her therapist.  It turns out her inner child is a brat and doesn't like her very much.

'Kings Mountain' takes three different points of view on two mysterious deaths that span decades.

One of my favorites was 'Victoria Dean - Serial Clerk' about a woman who surreptitiously destroys the career of anyone who comes into conflict with her at We Mean Business, Inc., a division of Big, Big Business, Co.  I loved the company name and how she made the careers blow up.  Disturbing in it's own way.

There are more stories and all are bound to set you thinking and give you a chill or two.  If you are a fan of dark horror stories this is for you.


  1. Kate, thanks very much for the review! Victoria Dean is one of my favorite villains and I'm glad you enjoyed her antics.

    Best Regards
    Christine Dougherty

  2. You're most welcome. I've had a few jobs where that mentality would have been handy. LOL Not that I would go there.... ;)