Sunday, October 28, 2012

Revenge by the Numbers

"Accountable to None", by Ashley Fontaine, is a tale of corporate greed and power run amok.  Winscott & Associates is a prestigious accounting firm.  Its managing partner, Olin, is a power hungry sexual predator, who works his way through the new associates and tosses them aside.

Audra Tanner is an associate that Olin raped when he made her an equity partner.  Audra has spent the last five years plotting revenge against Olin and the other partners who looked the other way.  She did this to the exclusion of everything else, including her husband. When Olin's sneaky merger deal heads south, Audra finds an opportunity to exact her revenge at long last.

I really liked the plot and concept of this novel.  However, I would have liked more development of Audra's character and maybe less background on the other equity partners.  Once the background of the characters was established the story was well paced with some unexpected twists.  There are a few minor editing errors; but, not enough to be a distraction.

Overall it's a good read about corporate greed, abuse of power and revenge.

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