Thursday, October 11, 2012

Romance is Afoot

Christy Hayes' "Shoe Strings" is about Angelita Barros, a shoe designer with her own up and coming boutique in Atlanta.  Shes about to head off for a tropical vacation when she sees her estranged father lurking about.  Instead of the planned trip she ends up hiding out in a small mountain town in North Carolina.

Angelita's life rapidly becomes entwined the the town's residents.  Cal Bloodworth owns the cabin she rents.  His son Jesse takes her breath away.  Jesse's ex, Kerri Ann, oddly enough, becomes a friend.

While friendships develop her father continues to hound her about a business deal  Things do not seem to be quite on the up and up and demands become threats.  She must discover the truth behind it and also where her relationship is heading.

This is a great chic lit type of story.  I liked Angelita's character very much.  She had a take charge personality but with a softer, vulnerable side.  Jesse's character was also done well.  He initially comes off as a ladies man but then acquires more depth.

I did think the character of Kerri Ann was a little weak.  It's hard to imagine that someone once so popular would be so insecure and blind to her friend's feelings.  That's just my opinion though.

Definitely give it a read.

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