Sunday, September 9, 2012

Be Consumed...

The novel "Consumption", by G. S. Johnston just may consume you.  The story is about Sara Sexton and Martin Blake, who have been friends since grade school where they bonded over the loss of their fathers.  Through the years they've shared each others joys, sorrows and secrets.

When Sara breaks up with her lover and ends her year in Greece to return home to Australia, she stops in Hong Kong to see Martin and be consoled.  Martin is a much sought after designer in Hong Kong, while Sara is now adrift with no set focus.

As the years go by she meets a new love, Andy.  Once Martin realizes she is happy he works to make her miserable and break up her relationship.  Eventually Sara must choose between the old and the new.

Johnston has really brought the characters to life.  You can understand the dilemma Sara is in and how difficult it would be to break free.  Martin is diabolical.  Loving and sympathetic on the surface and manipulative and cunning beneath it all. The setting of Hong Kong is very vivid as well.  I almost felt like I was there wandering the city.

A great read!  It will linger with you after you've finished.

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