Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Next Big Thing

"The World Clicks", by K.M. Breaky, is a novel about the power of the internet and game changing ideas.  Lane Craig is a 30 year-old software engineer living and playing in Vancouver.  He lives a fast paced lifestyle and parties with a circle of suave, brilliant and like-minded 30 year-olds.

He has an idea for the next breakout internet phenomenon.  He enlists his circle of friends to help him bring it to fruition. There's Johhny the social butterfly who can charm anyone.  Thomas is brilliant with his own ideas and a secret - he is only half "out of the closet".  Cat is Lane's love interest and a marketing pro.

Will the idea become an internet sensation?  Will it fizzle?  Or will it get stolen along the way.  Grab a copy and find out!

The novel was written in a fast pace/rapid fire manner which was in keeping with the nature of the book.  The language was a bit on the crude side, but in keeping with what I imagine 30 something guys would probably use amongst themselves.  I just put it out there for anyone who is put off by that.

The story was fascinating to me and really made me wish I knew more about software development.  Who doesn't want to come up with the next big internet sensation??

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