Saturday, September 15, 2012

YA Short with a Meaningful Message

Lada Ray's short story, "Catharsis (Legend of the Lemurians) is Book 1 of the Earth Keepers Chronicles.  It is a companion/prequel to The Earth Shifter, a full length novel.  The story is about a planet on the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy, Catharsis, populated by extraordinarily beautiful people.  The Catharsians have rounded up any ugly people and confined them to live behind an electric fence and fend for themselves.  They call them "Uglies".  The Uglies, who prefer the name Lemurians, are a peaceful and loving people.

However, beauty is only skin deep and the world around the Catharsians starts to crumble and tear apart.  The Lemurians seem immune to the disaster.  Who will perish?  And how will anyone survive?  There's only one way to find out!

This is a great short story and intro into The Earth Keepers Chronicles.  It is very imaginative and well plotted.  Even in such a short story Lada Ray packs a powerful message.  Beauty is only skin deep and karma can be either wonderful or deadly.

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